Patient Doctor Relationship - Breast Cancer – Marnie C

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Video Transcription

I had a great working relationship with my oncologist. He was a great guy, young and really intelligent and had a great personality, but I don't think he knew what to do with my independent streak. There were times when I would meet with him and he would ask me "How you doing?" and I would say " okay, but I've got some, you know, constipation" or whatever it was, and he would give me some prescription for a drug, and I would go home and call my herbalist and have her make up a herbal formula for me. And it worked fine. And on the next visit then he would say "Well, how did you do with that drug?" and I would say "Oh, I didn't take it. I called my herbalist, and she made something up for me." And one time he got rather exasperated. He was laughing, but he said "Do you listen to anything I say?" So just know that you need to be completely open and honest with your oncologist. Let 'em know what you're doing. And if they're okay with that, then that's great. Have them listen to everything that you are-- everything that's bothering you while you're going through chemotherapy. And if they're open to other things, that's wonderful, but just know that they're working for you, not the other way around. Some oncologists feel that you know, their word is gospel, and if you don't follow it, then, you know, the heck with you. And that's really not the way it should be. So that's just my two cents worth on that.