Patient Doctor Relationship- Myelodysplastic Syndrome – Kirby S

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Video Transcription

Finding an oncologist that you're comfortable with is very important. You may have to actually interview several doctors and see, to see how they might want to treat the cancer that you have and if you're comfortable with them. I have a very wonderful relationship with my doctor, Dr. Ranga Brahmamdam, and we're able to communicate effectively and listen to each other, and likewise with my nurses and other ones that care for me at the clinic. Sometimes if things aren't going just right, you may want to get a second opinion about your disease, and it's important that your doctor is comfortable with this. So if the particular doctor you're seeing isn't comfortable with letting you get a second opinion, you may need to find another doctor who is. We were able to use an expert in MDS at the Cleveland Clinic, and Dr. Ranga helped apply what he was recommending also, so that teamwork has really helped me to have a successful treatment of MDS, much longer than one would normally expect.