Place Of Care - Colorectal Cancer – Jayme W

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Video Transcription

I was treated at Franciscan Saint Francis South Campus at their Cancer Care Center, with my radiation treatments happening there in the Cancer Care Center. My surgery and my hospitalization stays, they were at the Beach Grove Campus, which no longer exists, but that was where I was in Indianapolis at Beach Grove and at the South Campus. Everybody there was so amazing. They were so great and the fact that it was so close to my house made everything so much more convenient. I wouldn’t know what to do if I had to travel like some people that I know have had to travel so far to get to their treatment centers, and that just wouldn't have worked for me because I went to radiation before school and I had chemotherapy after school and for those 8 hours in between, I got to be normal. So if I wasn’t able to maintain that normalcy, I think that my treatment would definitely have been a totally different experience for me. I’m so thankful that I was able to do it close to home and that such a wonderful place was right down the street. The nurses and the doctors I think, while I was in the hospital, I think they got used to the fact that middle school kids were hanging out in the hospital. I don’t know that anybody ever gets used to middle school kids but, you know, the fact that they were there and were willing to answer their questions, the kids had lots of questions, and the nurses and the doctors answered their questions. I've had some kids who went to doctor appointments with me, you know they wanted to know, they wanted questions answered and the doctors were always more than happy to have them go in and answer their questions. I think that was a really important part of the treatment for me. I looked at this whole experience as being a teachable moment for my kids, a teachable moment for the fact that my students were going to see me go through this, and they were going to see that you know, cancer’s not a death sentence, cancer is doable. It’s something that you can survive, you know, day to day. And so I wanted to make sure that they were as informed as they wanted to be; their parents were involved; they were great. One of my former student’s parent was a nurse at the Beach Grove campus, so she was always checking up on me, making sure I was doing okay, so the fact that the staff at the hospital and the doctors and the nurses were willing to include my students as a part of my treatment, for me it was very, very important. The kids, they were at the hospital, you know, they were going to be there when they could. They visited; they wanted to know that I was going to be okay. One of my students learned how to work all the machines so when something would beep or boop wrong, he’d be like pushing the nurse button and saying, hey this is happening, and he asked a lot of questions, and he got a lot of answers. At one point, he’d kind of decided that maybe he wanted to go into something in the medical field because of all the things that he got to learn, and do, and see while I was going through treatment. My morning rounds doctor was very helpful with my new acquisition of an iPod set. She’d come in every morning and say, hey I’ve got some new apps for you to check out. The fact that everybody was not only involved in my treatment, but involved in my personal life as well was really, really important to me. I was a person to them; I wasn’t just a patient who was in a bed in a room. I was a person, and that to me was really, really important. The fact that the staff at the hospital finally brought in comfy chairs because they knew the kids weren't leaving was pretty great. You know, they were there, like I said, every day and making sure that everything was okay, and I was okay, and I was coming back to school. And you know, when they went and got the comfy chairs and moved the comfy chairs into my room and the regular chairs out, I was like, this is awesome; these people are totally accepting my students as part of this treatment and that for me, was just a great, great feeling.