Quotes - Colorectal Cancer – Jayme W

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Video Transcription

Don’t really have any favorite quotes or songs or anything that have to do with my treatment or my cancer, but the one thing that I did that helped me through my treatment the most was my daily devotions that were specifically tailored to cancer patients. There are lots of daily devotions for teens, for women, for men. They have one for everything. And when I was able to stumble across the ones for cancer patients, it really made all the difference for me. It meant that, one, I was staying really close to my God and making sure that I stayed focused on him, and kept him really front and center in my treatment. But also, that my daily devotions were now tailored to my life, specifically to my cancer. And that, for me, was really important. It seemed like no matter what was going on that day, the worse things got, especially when things got at their worst, that day’s devotion was always the one that was just like, oh, my gosh, duh, you heard the angels sing, “Laaa!” in the background. That light-bulb moment, that was always the perfect timing for me. So if you’re a person of faith, I highly recommend making sure you get a daily devotion for cancer patients.