Side Effects - Prostate Cancer - Ross K

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Video Transcription

The urologist recommended that I should have the radiation and that I should be on hormone therapy, which was to be Lupron. That first month or month and a half after the surgery, I was started on Lupron and because of the surgery and the catheter, I was working on regaining my continence which was a high concern. I wanted to be able to get to the point where I was not having to wear the maxi pads and have constant problems with incontinence. That took a period of probably about six weeks; but, I worked pretty diligently, did the exercises that were recommended to gain control of the continence, and had been started on the Lupron. The side effects for the hormone therapy are ED, which I had to learn to- deal with that; it also caused me to have hot flashes, so I could begin to identify with my wife and many of her friends who had been through that. After a month or so I asked the urologist if there was some additional medication that he could offer to minimize the hot flashes, and I did start on a medication to try to control that. The hot flashes would come on me two or three times a night and throwing off the covers. Sometimes during the day I would just suddenly flush and feel extremely warm. My chest, my head, so you’d feel like you had to get to a fan or something to try to control that. Over a period of time, that has kind of minimized. Having been recommended to have the hormone therapy, the original thought from my urologist was that I would probably be on the Lupron and Casodex for perhaps maybe two years, two to three years. Well now here we are, two and a half years after surgery and the start of the hormone therapy, and both the urologist and oncologist continue to recommend that I should take those hormones. Last April the oncologist recommended that I should be taking Xgeva. Xgeva is a fairly new therapy drug that is used primarily for those who have metastatic bone cancer. While I’ve not been diagnosed with that, he felt that it was a good drug to be added to my repertoire and so I’ve been on that since April of this year.