Symptoms - Prostate Cancer - Ross K

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Video Transcription

Three years ago I went in for a routine physical with my family doctor, I had no symptoms. I had no blood in the stool. I had nothing that would indicate to me that I had prostate cancer. The doctor ran his typical blood test and when I went in for the physical, he reported to me that my PSA was 9.74 and with his digital exam, it was apparent to him that I needed to go past him and go on to a urologist and seek further diagnosis. My primary diagnosis came as a result of the urologist’s test. That was the 12-position biopsy that was run, and that report came back that 7 out of the 12 biopsies were positive. That is, there was cancer evidence. The Gleason score that is normally used, reported to be about 7 in most of these samples. As far as whether the cancer was metastatic or not, that was to be determined later on. The urologist recommended that I have two further tests. That was the MRI bone scan and the colorectal coil exam. Those tests were performed a little less than three years ago. Fortunately, both of those tests came back negative. That is, it did not report cancer. The biopsies indicated to the urologist that there was, as he called it, a bulge on the left side indicating that there could be cancer beyond the margins, and so it was a fairly high concern and decisions needed to be made quickly.