WhatNext - Colorectal Cancer – Jayme W

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Video Transcription

What next is a patient site. It’s a family site. It’s a site for friends. It’s a site for medical personnel. It’s a site for anyone who wants to help somebody out who’s going through cancer treatment. And I hope that, through this project, that I will be able to give some personal insight to somebody who’s going through treatment. If I can just get a message to one person, then I will call that success. For me, it’s all about getting that personal perspective, hearing it from somebody who’s been there, hearing it from somebody who’s done it. Like I said before, it’s one thing to know your stuff. It’s one thing to know a textbook explanation of things. It’s another thing to have gone through it yourself. It’s another thing to be someone who can say, “Hey, you know what? That happened to me,” or, “When that happened to me, this is what I did.” So if my video is seen by somebody who has a question and I can answer a question for somebody or I can help a family member through something, then I’m really excited about that, because I want to be able to help people. And as an educator, I guess that’s my goal in life, is to make sure that people are educated and people have answers to questions.