Our Story

Our Story

SPANX co-founder and former COO, David Wasilewski, spent over a decade helping women all over the world look and feel slimmer before teaming up with the American Cancer Society to make it easier for those affected by cancer to gain firsthand insights.

In 2010, David’s Uncle Joe was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer and asked to choose between three different treatment options. His family was suddenly thrust into a world of medicine and asked to make life and death decisions without any real insight as to what it meant to live with the decisions they were about to make. So, David went to the Internet in hopes of gaining some insight from others who had already made the same decisions his family was about to make. Initially he was encouraged by the number of people sharing experiences online, but quickly became frustrated by how difficult it was to find anything that was truly relevant to his specific situation.

How We Do It

How We Do It

Developed in part with the American Cancer Society, WhatNext uses patent pending matching algorithms to connect people to highly relevant peers, firsthand experiences and American Cancer Society resources.

Additionally, WhatNext gives people a way to share experiences with their illnesses using an easy to use timeline format. As a result, when people share their experiences they are catalogued and easy to find by others.


"Thank you all for the good advice. This site has been a lifesaver for me, seeing so many people who have fought and survived help me to stay more positive."

"I'm newly diagnosed and am having surgery next week. I've already found so much support here. There are several folk w/my diagnosis who are all have surgery next week, so we're treading the path together. And there is so much wisdom available from those who are further along in the journey."

"I am just blown away at all the positive personalities I've found on this web site. You have all been an inspiration to me and I am going to clean up my self pity act and follow your lead."

"When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I thought I would never laugh again. I have found laughter again and it was from people on this website. So, God bless you, if you want to tell jokes, go for it. I think laughing helps to get through some really terrible times."

Media Inquiries

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