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What is next when cancer strikes?

Unfortunately, you are not alone.  Every year more than 1.6 million Americans are diagnosed.   The good news is that cancer survival rates are increasing due to advancements in treatment options and progress in early detection.

With the explosion of new cancer treatments, patients are being presented with more choices in cancer care than ever, leaving them asking what is next?

Get firsthand insights to cancer treatments on WhatNext.  WhatNext, developed in part with the American Cancer Society, is a social network designed around the specific needs of those affected by cancer.

On WhatNext you can learn what it is like living with cancer from those who are.  Register on WhatNext and get introduced to relevant peers, information and resources specific to your cancer type, stage of cancer, geography and age (e.g., metastatic breast cancer, stage IV, 45 years of age).

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"One of the connections I made on WhatNext helped me decide on a doctor that was right for me." WizardofWesley

"Cancer is full of ups and downs - the people on WhatNext remind me that there are always more resources to keep fighting.” misha